Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, Change The World

Question 1) Why do we hate Wall Street so much?

Is it the greed, the riches, the intelligence, the power, the ability to control the world, the ability to pretend to be God in some aspects?

We have made Wall Street and American Symbol - just visit the Financial district and any given day and watch the tourist flock.  

And we have made Wall Street a symbol of capitalism gone wrong. Just visit Wall Street - tomorrow.

I think Wall Street has become the scapegoat of the recent poor economy. All though, it may have only played a small portion in the recent recession and the following slow recovery, but what a great scapegoat it has become. (We'll talk more about this later).

Answer 1) We don't hate Wall Street, we love making it a scapegoat

Question 2) What do we hope to accomplish during "Occupy Wall Street"

We'll it certainly has media attention. And the message is fat-cat bankers have been in power too long. So we want someone to be in control.

Maybe, we should put in control all of the protesters... Where would they begin, how would they execute on there newly found power? (Rhetorical)

Maybe, they want to mess up the transportation in New York and make people with other things to do angry, then those angry people will take it out on fat-cat bankers

However, it is most likely that these people just want to protest, complain, and procrastinate in other areas of there lives.


Let's point the finger at Wall Street, and procrastinate about the rest of our lives. You will become my scapegoat, and I can delay doing the things that will really change the US economy.

I don't want Job - I want socialism.