Sunday, August 21, 2011


Nothing fancy, nothing trendy, and nothing that will make you a million dollars overnight.

Welcome to I Have Options – a place free from the mass sensationalizing of investing. A place for discussion around the current macroeconomic environment, a place to explore historical contexts, and a place for sophisticated thought on personal investing.

First things first, however you have come to this blog I am sure you are already asking the question: “how is this bullshit any different from every other big-mouth blogger?”

We’ll here are a few my thoughts:

1. I follow over a hundred investing blogs, but I have yet to find on that discusses my favorite area of investing: derivatives. Specifically, as the name implies this blog will talk a great deal about options and options investing.

2. Sharing original content is great, but being a great filter for the best content is even better. There are blog-writers that have some really interesting pieces, but very few share the interesting pieces that they found.  

3. I want to have unique weekly installments that will be exciting, refreshing, and useful. Those pieces that will become stalwarts of your Sunday morning routine, like coffee and political talk shows.

So feel free to read on – find something interesting, learn something new, and most importantly share with me your thoughts so that I can learn something new as well.

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