Thursday, September 1, 2011

Obama's Speech will be Show Stopping

Obama's speech on September 7th, not only threatens the GOP's sacred debate it may also threaten the stock market's ability to rally next week.

I've become more and more annoyed by the child-like bickering in Washington. But I will become down right angry when Obama's speech, the GOP debate, and political rallies create additional uncertainty in the markets.

The market is poised to rally in the coming week due to good earnings announcements, financial indicators on the rise, and global news on the slow down. However, the bone-heads in Washington threaten this.

We will hear from every major political leader about there view point on the economy, jobs, the real estate market, and foreign policy. And, why most of it will just be hot air. Those trading the markets will become nervous, uneasy, and scared about what could happen.

And now no one can agree on when the hell they are going to talk! What an insane conundrum. I would suggest two things. 1) Everyone has to do their thing at the exact same time. Thus, no one will listen to shit they don't need to hear. 2) Do it on Sept. 8th thus I can flip to the football games and not have to worry about accidentally stumbling upon stupidity.

Hunker down, your politicians can't promise too much. But they will promise to compromise the upswing of the market.

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  1. Obama & Co. are slowly but surely destroying what was a beautiful country. Four more years of him will give him the opportunity to finish the job.
    He is smart, but he's no leader, not even a follower! The people with no brains elected him, and the same idiots will try to re-elect him. No on dare to say anything against him for fear of being called Racist. With Obama there is no hope, and it's certainly not the change the American people want.